school and education wapi?

waziri wa elimu
Wanafunzi wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja
Picha ya pamoja ya viongozi
mkurugenzi akimkabidhi certificate mmoja kati ya wahitimu

Welcome Note

Vocational Training Authority (VTA) is a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT). It is assigned with the responsibility to:

  • a. Supervise vocational training by, determining the standards of the training's, accessing/evaluating vocational training centers, registering vocational training centers, accessing/evaluating capacity and skills of trainers and trainees.
  • b. Coordinate vocational training by, conducting research of the employment market, preparing/formulating scheme (curricula, syllabus of long term and short term courses), dealing with the vocational training, enhancing capacity development and development of skills of the trainers and leaders of the vocational training.
  • c. Ensure the availability of adequate fund for the operating of the vocational training system;
  • d. Provide vocational training;
  • e. Confirm all certificates issued by the registered Vocational Training Centers.

Importance of Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Education general is important and basic resource, which enable a human being to manage the environment for his/her own benefits, VET is very important for providing vocational occupation according to the needs of society and economy of the country and thus there is the possibility of:-

1) Encouraging youths boys and girls and other labor forces to enter the labor market
2) To meet the need of competition, while the country enter the word of free market
3) To play great and important role in the National Poverty reduction Programs
4) To encourage the growth of private center by considering both formal and informal center
5) To coordinate the general education and VET